新年前,我在GURNEY BAY 附近发生了意外。无端端一辆VAN  从左后大力直橦。

当时的我立刻想下车看。 不过, 那司机招手意识让我听到旁边去。我听了。 (其实,严重的情况,维持原状是最真确的处理方式。 好让交警可以在现场判断。

他以礼貌的态度向我道歉,不过他没办法作出赔偿。 他要我到警局报案。让保险公司做赔偿。用了两个小时时间报案。对方必须在二十四小时内,不然全部责任归他(party who fail to report himself within 24 hrs, summon letter will belong to him without further judgement and investigation).

下星期,我再回去警局买报告(rm16). (summon belong to his party)

several problems for right if claim:

1. vehicle model :

commercial car for passengers (bus, travel van) : the claimer should pay before claim. no KSK (insurance company fully pay or delay payment). 还好对方是 fedex van express.

2. owner and 2nd driver

only owner and 2nd driver allow to use KSK policy. if not, 3 party driver should pay rm400 to apply KSK policy and refund back afterward. i am 2nd driver.

3. insurance company

the period to get claim depend on what insurance company. they have to send representative to review the accident part and decide which part right to be claim.




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