Competed with number

Is a raining day. Well, the rain seems like my refreshment for my whole day. After the class, I was slept for 1 hour. I hate sleeping but I have to since I back to study. Snap such a wasted life activity. Is it activity? A non active activity. But I did it. Hopefully tomorrow I not do it again. Raining, you made the connection slow down.

Never mind, get a movie. There is no magic potion that can turn back the hands of time. I was watching a movie – 17 again. Western story value more to realistic, straight forward and match to real life. Even the story board seems not realistic. When we back to 17, we can feel it again the things before 17 and after 17. Do you made a right choice when you were 17? Then were you get right way for after 17. The main attitude we should hold in our life is not to regret for every decisions you made before. We should keep moving to the decisions.

Recently, I get a lot of information or argument of age. ‘Age is just a number’. This was article title, which posted on Sunday, 8th August 13, 2010, The Star. The secret to successful ageing is not a very well kept one – just eat right, exercise regularly, and keep mentally active and positive for successful aging.

My friend told me that a 20 years old guy said to her “you look mature then your age”. If a 30 years old man told me that, I may say: thanks, for your comment. I have no idea with this 20 years old guy. You may don’t know what you may look at 25 years old…30…35…40. What you think a 25 years old look like? It is same philosophy with living longer, but healthier? Quantity equal to quality? We don’t know. So, live for now, enjoy for now and happy for now.

Age, is a number for me. Thanks god I can be alive for 25 years old. But I blame myself not to do my best to serve along 25 years. I should do more than now. I competed with number. I competed with number.



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