Sucessful Group

My group member


There has nothing is impossible.

We have to join any 1 of Uniform team, Club and Sports for our Kokurikulum subject. After 5 years of secondary school time, i never think i still got chance to get back to Kokurikulum. I not really an hyper active participant but I will make sure I 100% enjoy it.  I joined society and club team. This is because I not good in sports and I tired for kawat kaki which it is compulsory activity in uniform team. Initially, my team mates seem so lazy and not aggressive. But can I say sometimes we need behave “happy go lucky” style. Not everything must in track. I handled for publicity side, I think it is my expect since i had such experience before.

Really thanks for my team member, we all done the best.  Noted down our hapiness here.

How to create a sucessful group:

  1. believe to your group member, president and events
  2. restructure if some members are not confident in some division job
  3. co-operative
  4. sharing and caring for each division group but not over get involved
  5. individual responsible to own job


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