Journey to the south

I was so excited to visit my friends at KL. Since I at Tanjong Malim for 3 months, I never go and visit them. Last time I went to KL without informed them. It just a suddenly trip so I had no time to stay over there. But this time I purposely go to visit them.

Unfortunately, something bad happen to me once I reached Mid Valley station. A Indo guy thief my handphone. But I not aware at that time. I went out from the train on the same time thousand people were moving into train. It becomes very jam and pack. I felt someone always pushing me. I was angry and went out the train very fast. I was standing at crowded boarding area, I found my phone. I just realized I lost it. I looked around but I know that impossible I can get it back. What to do? Impossible I just return to my home. So keep moving. I found public phone. Suck, it is spoiled. Ting! Ting! I think i have to cancel my maxis line, right? I was looking for maxis center. I borrowed a malay girl phone. Luckily I still can remember my friend’s house telephone no. I got her hp no from her dad. I cancel my sim card and replace the new one.

At that time, I was telling myself: it just a simple phone so dont care about it. The purpose of I going KL is searching for fun. I have to continue this journey. In our life also same, there have something we care too much. But when we let it be…you will feel much better.

I took my japanese cuisine, went my friend house, shopping, play mahjong and bak kut teh. Very tired of that 2 days. The journey end with happily. Thanks for my friends. See you all next time.


Journey to the south”的一个响应

    • So impossible I buy Iphone or expensive phone.
      Crazy thief, it just a cheap mobile phone. But he nearly made me unable to contact with my friends.


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