Just go with it

Today, is my 1st time having entertainment at Ipoh since i came here for 1 and half month.

I never think want to meet up anyone here. But I did. I don’t know why.

“I tried to recall back my friend who are staying at Ipoh. I know who they are. I ever put them a message that I will be here for 3 months, but i never take initiative to organize any gathering. Until yesterday, i think i should have something over here. 2 years never meet, what will be our topic? I think it should be about career, love and future.”

Just go with it. Meet someone, meet at somewhere and together for awhile; it can be so wonderful memory for our weekend.

We went for a movie – Just go with it. I like the main actress – Jennifer Aniston, she acted naturally and manly. She is acting as divorced mother of 2 and assistant for Dr.Danny. A single mother, with a simple appearance and never afford for branding dresses, but a fate is waiting for her to explore. In real life, is it we ever meet our Mr.Rite but we never know?

Jennifer aniston




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