Yesterday, I received a friend call for credit card info. Eventhough I am Ambank staff, but I am fully in charge for hire purchase sales. But, I also quite interested in this issue. RM50 tax per credit card and RM25 for sub card. What is the purpose of this implementation? Control cards per person? Or control liabilities of card holder? Unfortunately, for those fully utilised card limit, they are never shout about RM50. Control cards per person didn’t helping in control liabilities of card holder. By cutting off no of credit card, banks will add in limit for credit card holder in order to make profit from it. Quantity always versus quality. Nowadays, people just concern of quantity. Is it the only quantity is the proven of performance? I think answer is yes for today. Actually control approval of credit card application will 100% control sub standard customer and high liabities.

Many banks are going to waive RM50 tax per credit card. Ex, Ambank going to waive RM50 tax if accumulate utilised RM10,000 per annual and RM25 tax for accumulate utilised RM5,000 per annual. Wow…no comment.